How can I find out where I can spend my card?

Simply go to the ‘Where to spend’ section of this website, type in the postcode and a map and list of local garden centres and garden retail outlets who accept the card will be displayed.


My local garden centre is not shown. What should I do?

With hundreds of garden centres and garden retail outlets taking part you should still have plenty of alternative garden retailers nearby but if your local garden centre is not currently accepting the card the chances are that they are members of the Horticultural Trades Association and can apply to accept the card.  Why not speak to them about it?


What is the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA)?

HTA was founded in 1899 and is the trade association for the UK garden industry. 
HTA has been running the very successful National Garden Gift Voucher (NGGV) scheme since 1962 and has now launched this card scheme to complement NGGV.


Where are National Garden Gift Cards sold?

National Garden Gift Cards are sold through gift card displays in many high street stores and supermarkets, and an increasing number of specialist garden centres. National Garden Gift Cards can be spent at hundreds of garden centres across the UK.


How do I find out how much is on my card?

If you have just received the card then the amount is shown on the front.
If you have already spent some of the funds on the card and want to know how much is left you can find out by;

  • Visiting the check my balance section of this website
  • Looking at the receipt from your last purchase. 

The amount left on the card is shown in the authorisation code with ‘X’ representing the decimal place i.e. a code of 015X01 means that £15.01 is left on the card

  • Call the balance enquiry line on 0845 355 0525

Do the cards expire?

The Garden Gift Card Account will not expire but please refer to the terms & conditions section of this website for amounts that can be charged to the Garden Gift Card account.


Can I get a refund on goods bought with my card?

Yes.  Refunds will be subject to current legislation and the participating retailers own refund policy. 

Refunds onto the card are possible if it is still in your possession but it will take several days after the refund is processed for the funds to be available to spend again (similar  to processing times for refunds to credit or debit cards).


Plastic gift cards are not very environmentally friendly why is the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) going down this route?

HTA recognises that some customers prefer the gift card format, but is keen to minimise the environmental impact of the scheme. The actual quantity of plastic involved is very small when compared to many other items such as food packaging and carrier bags.

None the less we are actively discussing ways to reduce the environmental impact with the card manufacturers and looking into the most environmentally friendly ways that we can recycle used cards.

Unlike many other retailers HTA members will continue to offer and accept paper National Garden Gift Vouchers alongside plastic HTA Garden Gift Cards.